The Founder – Karim Elseadawy

Karim Elseadawy is the founder of Sodfa5. In 2020 he created S5.

Sodfa5 has evolved into a small media company.

As a rapidly expanding venture, S5 is designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle with a passionate team that supports the creativity of what the site has to offer.

What We Offer

If you ever wondered:

“Where can I find an actionable healthy living resource that will help me to eat healthier and get fit?”

If you want results you have come to the right place.

Change In Seconds is where visitors turn to when looking for tips on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle with techniques that work.

Covering subjects such as clean eating, workouts, recipes, meal prep & cooking tips, visitors can join the community to track their results.


Why We Are Different

Most people find it very difficult to change their lifestyle habits.

That’s where S5 comes in.

This website will show you the exact tips, strategies and techniques you need to make positive changes. It promotes balanced lifestyle changes that foster better habits in diet and activity.

Its not about being perfect, the focus is making one change at a time until the habit sticks.

With unique tips and tools, SODFA5 offers a FREE healthy living tracking program.

Its a community where individuals can privately work on adopting new habits or to challenge themselves by participating in any of our 180 challenges or track up to 6 lifestyle habits a day.

Thousands are reaping the benefits of shifting gears away from unhealthy habits, to a lifestyle of healthy living. Why don’t you get started today.


bg shape

Being Healthy Starts from the Inside Out.

Many of them are just beginning their first Challenge and many are veterans that have lost TONS of weight already and are there to provide YOU with support and encouragement along the way!